They may be remote, but Ste Jeanne d’Arc students are right at home

Sixth-grader Sydney Nelson is hard at work.

LOWELL — Staff members at Ste Jeanne d’Arc School succeeded in keeping up with the curriculum as much as the online transition allowed.

Sixth-grader Camryn Misquita happily hits the books.

Online learning began March 16, and the school has not skipped a beat, distributing iPads to students to facilitate participation in remote classes. Technology, such as Zoom conferencing, Google Classroom and Seesaw, has been utilized by the teachers to continue their curricula in Math, Science, Social Studies, Language Arts and Religion.

Students and families have been pleased with how smoothly the transition occurred.

As one parent remarked, “Routine, routine, routine. That is the only thing that has worked for my family. The SJA teachers have made sure our kids are on every day. The work has been meaningful. The teachers have worked so hard to make sure every student has what they need to be successful.”