LC senior Carolyn Canty holds a piece of her artwork, called “Grief for the Reef,” that is part of the school’s interactive gallery for Arts Week.

LOWELL – As with many spring events, Lowell Catholic has pivoted gracefully to the online world to showcase its student artists.

LC’s fourth annual Arts Week included student performances from band, chorus and drama, as well as a fully interactive fine-arts gallery.

“The students were eager to help make this online event come to life, and although nothing compares to seeing artwork and performances in person, this online format reflects their dedication to the arts and sharing their talents.” said Heather Falardeau, Fine Arts chair.

“Wonderland,” by junior Youna Oh

“The Fine Arts program has helped me find my way as an artist,” said Carolyn Canty, a senior who has chosen to major in Graphic Design when she attends college in the fall. “It made me realize what I really love to do as well as put me on a path to choose a major in art.

“Everything the teachers have done to carry on and make these moments happen for our senior class is amazing,” she added. “I think having the opportunity to be a part of the art programs within LC has definitely made my education more exciting. Overall, I think having that support from the teachers is what really helped me at the end when making the decision to major in an art field.”

On Fridays, Falardeau has continued to host a virtual “Open Studio” time for students to drop in, say hello, ask questions and share what they are working on at home.

“The benefit of teaching face-to-face is the personal connection we have with students,” she said. “While they are checking in with us daily via online formats, it is so vital to everyone at LC that we continue to maintain that sense of being connected in meaningful ways. The arts play a major role in being a comfort to both students and staff during this time.

“Any sort of creative outlet allows us to turn our brains off for a moment and process what we are experiencing,” she added. “With so much information being presented to us, the arts give us the freedom to explore how it is affecting our lives.”

The return to the Stevens Street campus will be an exciting one for students and teachers alike. When it is safe to do so, a new art studio space, created by the addition of Ryken Hall, will allow students more room to create and discover the robust Fine Arts program LC has to offer.

The Fine Arts Department also congratulates the 2020 National Art Honor Society inductees: Lexi Costa, Ana JohnHope, Abby Moore, Youna Oh, Abby Sierra and Caitlin Tully.

“I’m proud of these kids,” Falardeau said. “They’re creative, resilient and optimistic, which is exactly what we need right now. This online gallery is not only a tribute to that resilient spirit, but a way to celebrate the accomplishments of all of our student artists, especially our seniors.”

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