Middlesex Community College offers virtual admissions session

Jeffrey Tejada, MCC’s director of diversity outreach and recruitment, works with local high schools to provide guidance to prospective students.

Middlesex Community College has worked during the COVID-19 crisis to transition coursework and student services to remote, virtual and limited contact systems that keep students on their academic path.

In an effort to accommodate prospective students and their families, MCC’s Office of Admissions and Recruitment is offering virtual sessions. As a leader of online education for over 20 years, Middlesex has made an efficient and successful transition to remote systems.Jeffrey Tejada, MCC’s director of diversity outreach and recruitment, believes it is critical to offer virtual platforms to guide current and future students.

“I think now, more than ever, in light of the crisis we are experiencing, students and families need to feel reassured that MCC has their needs, interests and concerns in mind as we help them navigate through the college enrollment process,” Tejada said. “Attending college is an equally exciting and nerve-wracking experience.”

The Getting Started @ MCC sessions, which began weekly in March, help students understand and complete the enrollment process. Sessions answer questions related to the community-college experience and feature the resources, services and opportunities available to students, including Mass Transfer, Academic Advising, Student Engagement, Academic Map and Pathways.

Sessions will now be offered biweekly in addition to being catered to local high schools, including in Lowell and Lawrence, that will feature a bilingual session to accommodate the city’s large Latinx population.

Maintaining connections with local high schools is beneficial to prospective students to learn what is available to them. Karyn Cassidy, college-relations counselor at Lowell High School, believes MCC has been responsive to Lowell High’s needs.

“Jeff Tejada has continued to provide virtual opportunities for our seniors in an effort to keep them connected and moving towards their goal of attending college in the fall,” Cassidy said. “These services are a reminder to our students that college is still a possibility.”

While applying for college can feel overwhelming, Tejada believes these sessions answer questions, help eliminate fears and show students that they are not alone in this process.

“Many of our applicants are first-generation students who are both feeling tremendous pride and sense of accomplishment in being the first members of their families to go to college,” he said. “But they are also concerned about the various unknowns that come with applying, enrolling and attending college.”

The webinars also include sessions on dual enrollment for high-school students wanting to earn college credit, Health Programs for students interested in pursuing a career in health care, and international admissions for students who wish to come to the U.S. for their studies.Education does not have to be put on hold because of COVID-19 and Middlesex understands that students need guidance on the college process now more than ever.

“Despite these extremely difficult and unprecedented circumstances, the critical function of educating our students continues at Middlesex,” Tejada said. “The connectivity offered through our Getting Started @ MCC virtual sessions and other webinars allows us to continue our critical work of recruiting and guiding students to Middlesex Community College.”

To participate, students receive an email invitation with a link to the webinar of choice.

articipants can choose to use the mike and chat function or the camera as they connect with the admissions representative.

Visit https://www.middlesex.mass.edu/admissions/virtual.aspx for more information and to sign up for a virtual session.