Lowell Catholic students keeping up with work from home

LC fifth-grader Giuliana Alveres DeSotomayor prepares for her “new normal” school day at home.

LOWELL – Amidst a statewide shutdown of schools, Lowell Catholic’s dedicated students and staff are committed to continuing the school year remotely.

For LC’s youngest learners, librarian Colleen Tully has recorded and shared story time via email. Teachers at the elementary level have provided students with daily lessons to ensure that curriculum-based learning continues uninterrupted. Middle-school and high-school students are continuing to follow their daily bell schedule and accessing their lessons via google classroom or online conferencing.

“I cannot thank the students and staff of LC enough for all that they are doing,” Head of School Maryellen DeMarco said. “By providing educational experiences and opportunities, we are providing the students with a sense of normalcy in such an uncertain situation.”

Students in the upper middle school and high school are utilizing Zoom, an online platform to log in to each class on the normal daily schedule.

“As a parent, I think it works out really well because our kids are accountable, they’re tuned in, and the teachers can see their engagement and collect their assignments in real time,” said Shirley Ciccolo, mother of two LC high-school students.

Alyson DeSotomayor said Lowell Catholic “has always promised a lot of hands on learning for their students at the elementary level, and I am amazed at how much the teachers were able to prepare in advance.”

“My daughter is working on a major project in each of her core subjects,” she added, “and has remained in constant communication with classmates and teachers through the Google Classroom app. Students are able to collaborate in real time using Classmate as well.”