DRACUT — Reports of a Richardson Middle School student threatening the school community on Wednesday was determined to be unfounded and “truly a rumor-mill issue,” according to Dracut Schools  Superintendent Steven Stone.

“There was a report by a child that went to the administration,” Stone said Wednesday night. “The police worked immediately with the administration to investigate. The threat was found to be not credible.”

Stone acknowledged that social media “lit up” with reports of a threat at the school during the day, which were “dramatically different” than the facts.

One post on Facebook claimed there had been a shooting threat at the school, and a child had crafted a “shooting list.” The individual who made the post said they were given this information by their son, an eighth-grade student at the school.

Richardson Middle School Principal Maria McGuinness sent a notice to the families of students on Wednesday afternoon. The principal said the notice was to bring attention to the rumor that involved eighth-grade students, and “may have upset a small number of our eighth-grade class,” she said.

“A full investigation has been completed by the school and the Dracut police,” McGuinness stated. “It has been determined that the rumor was NOT credible. Given that the rumor was being spread and this was beginning to upset some of our students, I am communicating with you to ease any concerns.”

McGuinness stated though the incident was “only a rumor,” it is an opportunity to discuss the importance of communicating with teachers and administrators when they hear or see something concerning.

“Creating and maintaining a Community of Caring is hard but necessary work,” she stated. “It requires regular and consistent effort on the part of all members of the community.”

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