Talk of possible shooting at Dracut school prompts police response


DRACUT — Police responded to Richardson Middle School Friday after two students were overheard by a third student as they had a conversation that included a reference to a possible school shooting later in the day, according to police and Superintendent Steven Stone.

The third student quickly reported what they heard to administrators, and police were called to the school about 10 a.m., according to a press release.

Administrators quickly identified the students who took part in the conversation.

“Officers were on scene within minutes to initiate an investigation,” police and Stone said in a joint press release. “It was quickly determined that there was no threat or danger to the school community.”

Principal Maria McGuinness notified families of students via an automated phone call and email to parents, and the school day continued without further interruption, according to a press release.

No charges were filed, but administrators are in contact with the parents of the students involved, according to a press release.

“Comments related to potential harm toward any member of our school community, whether they are made with or without intent, are taken seriously and are not tolerated in our schools,” Stone said in a press release.

Police Chief Peter Bartlett praised the student who reported the conversation to police.

“This is an excellent example of see something, say something,” Bartlett said in a press release. “In this case, we were able to quickly determine that there was no danger, but the student absolutely did the right thing in reporting what they overheard.”