By Robert Mills

WILMINGTON — Things did not go well late Monday night for a 23-year-old Dracut man who was caught going 61 in a 35 mph zone by Wilmington police officers on the lookout for a habitual speeder on Wildwood Street.

The driver, whose identity was not released by police, attempted to hide an open beer in his back seat but ended up spilling it all over instead, according to a snarky Facebook post from police who also warned of the dangers involved.

Police said in a Facebook post that two officers took up posts on Wildwood Street in response to recent complaints from residents about someone habitually speeding down the street during the early morning hours.

“Officers Furbush and Cruz set up on Wildwood Street to attempt to identity the aspiring NASCAR driver,” police said in a Facebook post.

An officer clocked a Ford Mustang coming down the street, which is a 35 mph zone, at 61 mph just a bit before midnight, according to the post.

“Unfortunately for the driver, he spilled his open beer all over the inside of the inside of his car while he was trying to hide it in the back seat,” police wrote.

Officers were able to confirm that the driver was not drunk, so he avoided arrest but ended up with what police described as “a hefty citation for speeding and having an open container of beer in his vehicle.”

Police mixed the humor of the report with a very serious message, though.

“Please remember, not only can speeding be expensive, but it can be dangerous,” police wrote in the post. “Speeding while drinking… well that’s just a recipe for disaster. Luckily we were able to catch this driver before someone got hurt.”