Student from Iran praises life-changing Dracut ‘angels


I wanted to share this letter written by a Dracut High School student who recently came here from Iran. I did not have the student in class, but he wrote this open letter to all faculty. He gave me permission to use his name.

“Dear faculty:

The people who saved me from darkness. The people who rebuilt me again. The people who changed me to a better person. Thank you! Thank you for your guidance. Thank you for you kindness. And thank you for helping me to be myself again!

During the first four months, I felt depression because I was too far away from my friends. I felt lost because I was in a new country. And I felt dark because I was not the same person that I used to be before. But then God sent his angels in the shape of faculty members to help me. These faculty member-shaped-angels opened my eyes to see the abilities that I wasn’t able to see before! They taught me who I am! And now I want to honor them by saying this: you worked in the dark to serve the light inside me. Thank you all, and thank you God!” — Sepand Abolhassani


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