A vet’s appeal to secularists: Let’s enjoy Christmas freedoms


As I sit listening to the beautiful music of this time of the year I find it difficult to believe that there is a secular movement in this country pushing for the elimination of any religious aspect to Christmas. As an 18-year-old U.S. Marine, I spent the Christmas of 1952 in Korea wondering if it would be my last Christmas. I was fortunate; some were not. We fought as did our brave brothers before us so that this country would have the freedoms given to us under the U.S. Constitution, one of which is freedom of religion; the key being “freedom of” not “freedom from.” So to that secular group that would make light of those freedoms I can only say you were not with me on that Christmas, and as much as I disagree with your positions, I was fighting for your right to express those positions — the freedom to attack religious beliefs and the use of public lands for the display of such beliefs. So as this Christmas approaches I will ask as a payback for my Christmas in 1952 protecting your rights: Let Christmas be what it was always meant to be — the celebration of the birth of Christ, a religious holiday filled with faith, love, joy and kids with smiling faces.

By the way, I’d fight for your freedom again if I had to because that’s what this country has always stood for. Merry Christmas.

Robert Murphy, Dracut