The Dracut Junior High School Track Team wrapped up their successful season with a solid showing at the recent Massachusetts State Championship Meet. Medals were awarded to the top eight finishers in the state. Following are Dracut’s winners:


Loretta Mugisa: 4th place in discus and 6th place in javelin

Erin Mcmeniman: 4th place in javelin

4×100, 8th place: Sarah Wilson, Melissa Iannuzzo, Angela DAuteuil, Catherine Acevedo

4×800, 4th place: Haley Bomil, Makenzie Balous, Meghan Tyler, Emma Doherty

4×400 relay team: Received ribbons for top placement in medium school division and 9th in the state, Jessica Gooch, Lilianna Jessico, Erin McMeniman, Makendra Looney


Martin Henir: 7th place 100 meters and 7th place shotput

Jakob Labonte: 5th place, 800 meters

4×400, 7th place: Jacob Yirrell, Andrew O’Conner, Douglas Hill, Jakob Labonte

A – Loretta Mugisa is proud of her medals

B – Erin Ceriman did a great job at States

C – Sarah Wilson, Melissa Iannuzzo, Angela D’Auteuil and Catherine Acevedo