Greenmont students show winter spirit

DRACUT — In the spirit of holiday giving, the fourth-grade students at the Greenmont Avenue School decided to give to those in need instead of one another. Over the course of a couple of weeks, the students brought in new toys and books and, led by their teachers, walked to the Dracut Fire Station to donate their items to the annual Toys for Tots collection. The Greenmont Gators donated so many items that the firefighters had to bring out another bin to hold all of the donations.

Meanwhile, as the final activity in a unit on weather, third-graders built snowmen in the front yard of the school. About 60 students, working in groups of three or four, first created plans for the design of their snowmen and listed recyclables and perishable items to bring from home for decorations. The next day, they worked together to push and carry huge snowballs for the bodies of their snowmen and then decorated them. As a final touch, the children sprayed the snowmen with colored water. The front of the Greenmont Avenue School proudly displayed the colorful array of snowmen for the day and the children built memories of working with their friends that will last a lifetime.