Men will tell you the last thing you want to do on the golf course (other than slice your tee shot onto the wrong green) is get stuck behind a group of lady golfers.

Well, gentlemen, have no fear.

At the upcoming Pink Links “Fore” a Cure Women’s Charity Golf Tournament, you are guaranteed not to be stuck behind the ladies.

Because you’re not invited.

Well, not to play, anyway. You can still go and help out where needed. Just as it’s meant to be, right, ladies?

The tournament, set for Oct. 6, at Four Oaks Country Club in Dracut, is for women only, and it’s a fundraiser set up by a group of gals to raise money for their annual walk for breast-cancer research.

The group was formed 10 years ago by longtime friends Kathy Woods of Dracut and Kathy Ramirez of Lowell, and also includes Woods’ sisters, Joanne Spencer and Dottie Durkin, and her daughter, Erin Quealy.

Each year for the last nine, the group, in varying numbers, has walked either the Susan G. Komen walk or the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer, and the ladies have raised a hair under $100,000.

This year, their 10th, they’re stepping it up — heading to New York City for the two-day, 39-mile Avon walk on Oct. 19-20. And they fully expect to eclipse that 100-grand mark.

But before they hit the Big Apple, there’s the golf fundraiser, the second the ladies have hosted (the first was in 2011). Each spring, they also host a comedy-show fundraiser.

You may have noticed that Oct. 6, the date of the golf tournament, falls on a Sunday, an odd day for such an event. Charity golf tournaments are typically held on a weekday.

There is, however, a good and quite logical reason for it, Woods said.

“Women won’t typically take a day off from work to play golf,” she said.

Woods is grateful to the management of Four Oaks for agreeing to give up a Sunday for the event.

The tournament is full, with 144 women already signed up, including many breast-cancer survivors and those playing in memory of someone or for someone recently diagnosed, Woods said.

“That’s huge,” she said of the quickness with which the event filled up. “It shows there’s a huge interest, because it’s such a cause so many women believe in and because so many people are victims of it.”

Though there are no more slots for players, Woods and Ramirez are hoping for more companies and individuals to sponsor the tournament. If you’re interested, email Woods at

Woods believes people come through for breast-cancer research time and time again because it’s such an insidious disease and because everyone seems to know someone affected by it.

“We want to try to put end to it as soon as we can,” said Woods, who has two sons in addition to her daughter, as well as three grandchildren and a fourth on the way. “I can’t imagine another generation going through this.”

So, guys, if you feel like playing golf on Oct. 6, don’t head out to Four Oaks in Dracut.

Unless, that is, you feel like being put to work.

Hey, at least you won’t be stuck behind a foursome of women.

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