I would like to point out some outrageous comments made by the Committee for No Override on its Facebook page regarding supporters of the school override.

From the beginning, the Stand Up for Dracut group has requested that people on both sides of the issue are treated respectfully, as after this vote we will all need to live together and move the town forward. It appears the no-vote people do not believe that should be the way they act. I point you to the comment section below on The Sun’s story link posted on their Facebook page related to the signs being stolen. The first comment refers to supporters of the override as “communists.”

The owner of this page responds with: “Won’t be long until they start rounding up the people who disagree with them for retraining.”

So, the Vote No Committee is comparing the supporters of this override to Stalin’s Soviet regime that murdered more than 30 million people?

This type of rhetoric is completely out of bounds and has no place in American political discourse, certainly not over a town ballot question related to the school system.