Hosiery gets snags and tears pretty easily. While a snag or tear doesn’t always make them unwearable, most of the time, they go straight to the trashcan. Instead of throwing them away, they can be used around your home. Here are some suggestions:

Skin exfoliant: Rather than spending money on a costly skincare product, go natural. Lori from Illinois suggests: “Cut a leg off of a pair of pantyhose or knee-highs and fill the foot part with equal parts baking soda and brown sugar. Tie the end. Double the pantyhose thickness to make sure the ingredients don’t seep out too fast. Wet the skin and, if you want, lightly lather with a body shampoo, soap or olive oil. Use the nylons as a loofah and gently scrub your skin. Afterward, apply a light moisturizer.”

Deodorize shoes: Pour some litter into a pair of socks or cut sections of hosiery. Place the litter “tubes” in your shoes to absorb odors. This works well to keep moisture away from camping gear, such as tents and sleeping bags, too.

Store onions: Drop an onion in, tie a knot above it, drop another onion in and repeat with a knot, and so on. Then hang them. This keeps them separated while allowing plenty of air circulation.

Skimmer: Use a rubber band to attach a piece of pantyhose over the end of your vacuum, then go over an area where you dropped a small object. It will get picked up without getting sucked into your vacuum. “My mom used to make bug and leaf skimmers out of panty hose for our kiddie pools,” writes Darlene from New York. “She’d take a wire coat hanger and bend it into the shape she wanted, then slip it into the pantyhose and tie it.”

Indoor tennis: Make a game by stretching cut legs of stockings over wire hangers bent into circles to make tennis rackets. Hit balloons back and forth with your homemade rackets.

Sachet: Add potpourri to a small section of pantyhose. Tie it off and place it in your closet or dresser.

Gift wrap: Use strips to tie your wrapping paper so it doesn’t unravel while it’s being stored. “You can put a roll of wrapping paper in each leg and hang them in the back of a closet to keep the paper from getting mangled throughout the year,” adds Missy from Colorado.

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