Count me as one who is disappointed at the way the Stacy Scott era seems to be coming to an end prematurely.

Like many of you, I had hoped he would, at a minimum, finish his contract here in Dracut and then if his professional goals led him to move on, so be it.

At the time of his hire, we were all cautioned by School Committeeman Mike McNamara, who voted for Dr. Dolores Gribouski, that Scott might not be the right “fit,” and that he might not be here long.

Was he right?

Certainly Scott has made a difference, but is it fair to the school district, the children and the parents who have perhaps become more excited about public education than at any time in recent memory for the doctor to move on without completing his contract?

Was this the plan all along? We’ll probably never know, but clearly the folks who invested political capital and those who became inspired by the thought of a new image for the Dracut public schools are crushed by the thought that they have been used.

Some want to blame politics for the move.

As one who always has his ear to the ground, I’ve heard all of the theories.

Some want to blame Selectman Zimini because of the way he introduced the school budget issue; others look at the School Committee as micro-managing.

But realistically, this isn’t about anything that happened in Dracut.

This is about Scott’s career ambitions.

As he said during one of his interviews for the Framingham job, “That’s why I’m here; I love a challenge.”

There is a gentleman named Mike Bower on the Framingham School committee who said, “Framingham needs stability in this most vital position” in his comments in support of Dr. Scott.

It seems that Framingham has had four superintendents in the last 10 years.

Frankly, he sounds like Mike McNamara two years ago. Dracut went through a stable period under Elaine Espindle but when the political school committee didn’t want her, we began our own musical chairs in the superintendent’s office, and there is every indication that it will continue with Scott moving on.

So what does this mean for parents?

It’s not the end of the world for Dracut education. We know there are lots of folks out there who would love to run our school system, do a good job at it, and just maybe stay long enough to bring stability to our schools.

It will, however, be interesting to see what impact this has on our elections.

Currently, both incumbents, Ron Mercier and Bonnie Elie, have taken out nomination papers, along with three newcomers, John Kelly, Joe Wilkie and Dan O’Connell.

The issue is likely to be the replacement of Scott if, in fact, he does leave.

Will the school board go through another lengthy search or will they do their own recruiting as Framingham apparently did in enticing Dr. Scott to apply in their district?

Clearly, this town election will be driven by school issues.