Local access cable wrong place for pols to advance agendas


I know it’s a lot to ask, but … because I get blamed for this stuff I might just need to do one more column on the McLaughlin group.

I mean, hey, Brian Bond, the name I’ll bet the lieutenant governor will never forget, told The Sun that I started this conspiracy theory about the attempt on Mary Karabatsos’ job and that was just plain not true.

And I know this because that’s what he told The Sun while he was being questioned about … well, his role in this messy housing authority thing that resulted in a massive investigation into the now-former Chelsea housing director, the lieutenant governor of the commonwealth crashing a state vehicle while driving around thinking about how badly he was used in Dracut, and then, of course. the trail of cellphone calls that connected it all together.

I mean, heck, at this point, I think it’s fair to say that Brian is the only one left that hasn’t figured out what really happened and he was the key vote.

Now Brian is so upset that he is telling friends he will soon be starting his own cable TV show to tell the world what a bad guy I am, and I am guessing I won’t be invited in to discuss it.

Don’t you wonder if it’s right for the rest of us to be paying for cable TV so politicians with an ax to grind can use it to further their agendas?

Many years ago, Mike Maguire, the late Jack Ditillio, Dennis Williams and I had weekly roundtable on local access. The show was a positive use of cable and everyone was invited to be on. Certainly there were times when we were critical of things going on in the community, but we were happy to accommodate anyone with an opposing view.

Sadly, many people today who use public access for local programming just want to attack people they don’t like and you and I underwrite it with our cable bills.

It doesn’t seem right.

I’m guessing that we are likely nearing the end of this controversy about Mike McLaughlin and friends and although rumors are flying about resignations from Tim Murray all the way down, it is more likely that Mclaughlin will be the only one out of a job.

Political corruption has many different forms and in the eyes of some people, this type of behavior is acceptable.

In our own town, we have experienced what happens when groups come together and begin to think and act as one and it is never in our best interest.

The actions of this political family have resulted in the defeat of a senior housing project, shenanigans in the office of superintendent of schools and now a political disaster that leads all the way to the lieutenant governor of the commonwealth.

I’m guessing voters aren’t happy about it, but if it’s ever going to stop, people are going to have to begin to take local elections seriously.


This past week, I filed a lawsuit against something called Dracut after Dark.

This so-called blog has been printing libelous, false statements about my family and me for years and finally we had to take steps to stop it.

The individual who was responsible for it has not been a resident of Dracut for years but continues to harass and print lies about our residents on a regular basis. When given an opportunity to resolve the matter without litigation he chose not to.

The Internet is a wonderful tool and adds to life these days. But there are individuals who use it to defame and libel folks they do not like and, more often than not, these cowards do it while hiding their true identity.

Our goal with this suit is to expose as many of these cowards as we can and bring an end to this individual’s reign of online terror.