Terrie Bulger, whose boot camps offer the ideal exercise regimen

Terrie Bulger, whose boot camps offer the ideal exercise regimen

DRACUT —   She could be one of Dracut’s best-kept secrets.

In a room above Cassista Chiropractic Office on Lakeview Avenue, a personal fitness trainer whose style is often compared to Jillian Michaels of the Biggest Loser is whipping some locals into the best shape of their lives. The before-and after-pictures, which also conjure up images of the Biggest Loser, say it all.

Terrie Bulger, a Methuen native and mother of two sons, accomplishes that feat through private sessions at 180 Fitness, as well as rigorous 180 Boot Camps. With the new year upon us, this energetic and incredibly fit 56-year-old with decades of diet, fitness, and lifestyles experience just might be the solution to actually keeping this year’s resolution.

In a recent conversation with The Valley Dispatch , Bulger’s passion for helping to transform people’s lives came through in spades.

Q: Through all the fitness and diet trends over the decades, what is most consistent?

A: People are always looking for the magic bullet, but there truly is not one. What works is what I call the tripod of success — eating properly, cardiovascular exercise and resistance/weight training. Your body is a machine; the machine has to be maintained, and the tripod is the maintenance. When people do this consistently, they get the results they are looking for. That’s it, period.

Q: What do you see as the biggest fitness problem today?

A: I’d say childhood obesity because it (weight problems in adulthood) starts with poor habits in childhood. The kids are playing video games, the parents are working more, the parents are watching TV or they are too busy for exercise. I’ve trained 11-year-olds who are obese. Sedentary lifestyles combined with too much fast food and lack of good nutrition —   people are just developing bad habits.

Q: What is your style as a trainer?

A: I am compassionate, strict and firm. I modify and manage individuals and watch everyone like a hawk. Like Jillian (Michaels), I get in people’s faces, but I’m also kind and loving. I’ve been called many names and I demand of my clients, but most people respond to that because they lack the discipline. They can’t do it on their own and count on me for accountability and holding their feet to the fire. I’m not here to be people’s best friend; yet I am their best friend because I try to help them. But they need to make the decision to change. It’s about lifestyle changes and committing to that today, the next day and the next day.

Q: Can you still have fun with this type of rigorous program?

A: Absolutely. I prove that every boot camp and every workout. This past week we did everything in a Christmas theme — Santa squats, Jingle Bell raises, Kris Kringle crunches. I love what I do, and if I am having fun, then I give that experience to the clients, too. If they’re having fun, then they love what they are doing and the workouts fly by. I have clients ranging from their 20s to their mid-60s, though mostly middle-aged. I always tell them “we’re going to laugh your abs off!”

Q: Has Biggest Loser motivated people?

A: Yes, definitely. People can relate to the real people and their stories. The Biggest Loser and other fitness shows have motivated and inspired people. They feel like, if they can do it then I can do it. A lot of my clients watch the Biggest Loser and chose to do something about. Others just watch. I would suggest that they take the first step toward their fitness goals and to a healthier lifestyle in 2012.


www.180bootcamps.com; 978-957-1100; email: terrie@180fitnesstraining.com.


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