Tomorrow is the radio-thon on 980 WCAP from 6 a.m. to 1 p.m.

We’ve been doing this for what seems like forever, but in reality something like 18 years.

It’s not easy work and at a recent planning session a longtime friend said to me, “do you know how difficult it is for me to ask businesses for donations?”

Like many others in our ever-growing group, this woman goes out and asks local business people for donations so that we can run a successful auction to generate the funds that enable the Greater Lowell Salvation Army to provide services for struggling families here in Greater Lowell.

The money that we raise doesn’t leave Greater Lowell. It’s important to say that again, and all of it is raised by someone who, very much like my friend mentioned above, volunteers their time and finds it difficult work, but knows the need.

Families that can’t afford Christmas for the kids, families that can’t pay the heating bill and could face some cold nights, families that can’t afford food.

And you will know some of them, trust me.

So tomorrow at 6 a.m. when we turn on the microphones at WCAP, be ready!

We will have an auction all morning and into the afternoon.

Lots of great Christmas gifts for someone in your life — Patriots, Bruins, Red sox tickets and yes, even the Celtics. We’ve got tickets to the Celtics Christmas Day game and four tickets to the Patriots New Year’s Day Game and lots more.

We have tickets to everything local, as in the Boston Pops, Dropkick Murphys on St. Patrick’s day, Merrimack Repertory Theater, and a whole bunch of tickets to Sesame Street Live at the Lowell Auditorium.

Golf clubs, fishing trips, a weekend at Stonehurst Manor in North Conway, N.H., and golf foursomes at several courses.

You can even purchase the honor of writing Ken Wallace’s “Saturday Chat” column in The Sun, or this space, if you prefer.

The above list is just a tease. We have much, much more.

But wait: Did I mention we are bringing in the heavy artillery?

At 8:30 I will be joined in studio by U.S. Sen. Scott Brown, who will get behind the mike and ask for your donations.

From there Sen. Brown will head over to The Sun offices on Dutton Street for what I like to call our companion event!

The Sun piece, which will run from 9 a.m. to noon, will be a blast!

Rumor has it that Sen. Brown will be autographing a “barn coat” that we will auction off for all you Scott Brown fans.

He will be joined at The Sun by Boston Sports media legend and current WCAP talk host Bob Lobel.

Warren Shaw is a former Dracut selectman who hosts a popular Saturday morning radio show on WCAP-AM from 6 to 10.