The force behind Junior High honor students’ ‘Winter Wonderland Drive’

From left, Alexa Ata, Emily Tedesco and Jocelyn Frechette have made outfitting those in need with warm clothing their community-service projects. Debbie Hovanasian photo

DRACUT — It’s beginning to look a lot like winter, and at the Lakeview Junior High School, three students are turning their thoughts not to sugar plums, but to children from low-income families who may struggle this winter to provide warm clothing.

Alexa Ata, Jocelyn Frechette and Emily Tedesco, all members of the National Junior Honor Society, have just launched their “Winter Wonderland Drive” as their community-service project, with the assistance of their adviser and teacher, Rebecca Duda.

The trio recently answered five questions about a drive that takes place until Jan. 30 and benefits children in the Big Brothers, Big Sisters program.

Q: Why did you think of Big Brothers, Big Sisters?

A: (Emily) I have a cousin who is part of Big Brothers Big Sisters, so I know that they take hats, mittens, scarves, and that’s something that they really need. All those little kids need help and they need to be warm.

Q: What items are you collecting for the children?

A: (Alexa) Hats, scarves, mittens, gloves, jackets, and anything that will keep a person warm. Preferably new for the small items,but jackets can be gently used.

Q: Where can the items be dropped off?

A: (Jocelyn) At the main office, there will be a collection box. People can drop off items any time during the school hours, which are 7 a.m. until 3 p.m.

Q: Do you have a specific goal in mind?

A: (Alexa) As much as possible; we have no specific numbers in mind. I hope that we can see the box overflow and need to get a second box so we can help all those little kids in need.

Q: What do you hope to take away from this experience?

A: (Alexa) It just makes me feel good to do this because I’ve always loved little kids and this is a great opportunity for them to get what they need.

(Jocelyn) It makes me feel happy that kids get what they need and they are warm. Without us doing this drive, they may not have what they need.

(Emily) I think it’s a great experience to be able to help so many people, plus it will be fun. I always wanted to do something like this and the National Junior Honor Society has provided me with this opportunity and resources. We appreciate the love and help we’re getting from the parents who are donating, because in this economy they are having just as hard a time as anyone else. It’s good that they can find the good in their hearts to donate to the little kids who need it.

Lakeview Junior High School; 1570 Lakeview Avenue, Dracut.

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