We, the citizens of Dracut, have been exposed to numerous newspaper articles and postings on the Internet, on the issue of our town manager being offered a two-year extension to his term in office.

An offer he, I’m sure, gladly accepted. And why not? A 13 percent increase in salary — an offer that will increase his retirement pay and add to his severance boondoggle, which is already over $200,000.

I wish those pretenders to the throne would, at least, get a written opinion from town counsel, as to Chapter 11, page 49, of the accepted town bylaws approved, at this town manager’s recommendation at our annual Town Meeting of 1987, paying particular attention to the paragraph, “Scope of the By-Law.”

I realize, per the Town Charter, the town manager operates under a letter of agreement between he and the Board of Selectmen. The contents of this letter were never made public. Whatever was agreed upon, in my opinion, still had to conform, in scope, to the limitations of the town-approved bylaws. They had no authority to do otherwise!

Didn’t the manager, a few years ago, recommend and have passed a limit on what one employee could accumulate for sick time and vacation time, which can be accumulated at a maximum of 10 days per year? Has anyone bothered to check the records or demanded a breakdown? Or, isn’t the taxpayers’ interest worth saving?

The puppets are bound to say I’m doing this because I dislike the manager and for that, I’m happy to provide my assessments of the manager. I remember how he was appointed; I remember well who pushed for his appointment; I know that he could have been an excellent manager instead of just a good one.

Good, but far from excellent. And for me, anyone earning more than $120,000 should at least be earning it.