DHS Grad Night Chair Sue Ferri, who’s talking turkey about upcoming raffle

From left, DHS Grad Night Chair Sue Ferri–with help from Donna Nadolny, Margaret Parent and Lisa Sweeney–is busily preparing for this year’s Turkey Raffle at Harmony Hall on Saturday, Nov. 12. Courtesy photo

DRACUT — The event is called a “Turkey Raffle,” but don’t be fooled by the name. There may be some turkeys raffled off, but lots of other great items as well. Besides the chance to win a raffle item, the fundraiser is all about getting together with friends and having a fun night out, says Sue Ferri, chairperson of the DHS Grad Night Committee, sponsors of the raffle.

The Dracut High School Grad Night Committee hosts the raffle each year as one of their main fundraisers. The proceeds are used toward providing a safe, fun and chemical-free graduation night for graduating DHS seniors at Cedardale Athletic Club in Haverhill. On one of the most risky nights of their lives, the graduates are kept safe, returning to Dracut by bus at 5 a.m.

This year’s Turkey Raffle takes place at Harmony Hall on Saturday, Nov. 12, beginning at 7 p.m. Ferri recently answered five questions about the popular “turkey-time” event.

Q: How does the turkey raffle work?

A: The turkey raffle is a fun-filled evening where people gather at Harmony Hall. The hall holds roughly 185 people and the tables are filled first-come, first-served. There is no cost to get in and no reservations required. People bring their own food and drink, including alcoholic beverages in coolers. Raffle tickets are sold throughout the evening, with a chance to win various gifts donated by local businesses and private donors.

The gifts include turkeys, jewelry, gift cards, flat-screen TV monitors and lots more. In between rounds, people have a chance to eat, drink and chat with friends. We usually try to do 10 rounds of tickets. There are three or so rounds per hour, with 10 gifts raffled off per round. We also sell an individual $10 raffle ticket throughout the evening for a chance to win $300 worth of scratch tickets. The winner will be announced at the DHS Thanksgiving football game.

Q: How many turkeys and other items will be raffled off?

A: Approximately 100 gifts will be raffled off over the evening. Only 10 to 20 of those are turkeys.

Q: How successful have your turkey raffles been in the past?

A: This event is one of the Grad Night Committee’s most successful fundraisers. We have raised as much as $6,000 in past years. Also be on the lookout for our Comedy Night in the spring (also held at Harmony Hall).

Q: Can I get tickets ahead of time?

A: Tickets are sold throughout the evening in Harmony Hall, so need to buy ahead of time. An arm’s length will cost $5; individual tickets cost $1 each. People are usually present throughout the evening and take home the gift they have won.

Q: It sounds like a “fun” fundraiser. Do people have a great time?

A: It’s lots of fun. You are with your friends, enjoying an evening out, buying raffle tickets, and at the same time raising money for a very good cause. Come by Harmony Hall on Nov. 12 and to help us help the kids.

For more information, email dhsgradnight@yahoo.com.

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