Are you more likely to buy fresh produce from the town’s farms this time of year?


Chris Valorose, Cranberry Road, Dracut: “I think some people will. I just go to Hannaford’s and get all the stuff in one spot.”

Denise Gil, Michael Road, Dracut: “Yes. Apples, we go apple picking. Strawberries, corn; I go to the stands for corn. It supports the community.”

Wes Beckwith, Mammoth Road, Dracut: “No. I stopped at that farmers market. If they had more of a variety, maybe so.”

Maureen Riordan, Lincoln Lane, Dracut: “Yes, we like to support local businesses.”

Angie Adie, Nashua Road, Dracut: “Absolutely. We live off of vegetables.”

Jeffrey Margolis, Stonebridge Drive, Dracut: “Yes, because we like to support the local businesses.”