It is my belief that when we are born into this world, we do so with the right to a life filled with meaningful and joyful experiences.

That we have the right to choose our life’s path without the influence and conviction of others. Along the way we may adhere to family traditions, political affiliations or the doctrines of our faith, and as long as they are fair and balanced, it seems reasonable to adopt them as our own.

When any of these groups begin to edge out from the middle, changing their views or principles, we may become confused or fearful, questioning our belief in these systems.

Our current events are plagued with political unrest, climate changes, financial crisis, wars and the end of the world right around the corner, causing many to feel that we are in a global state of chaos, or so it may appear.

As we age, influences such as these may heightened these feelings. Our older Americans have experienced similar situations many times before and they may begin to take a toll on them.

How much of what the media portrays is based on truth and what should we believe? Fear and confusion can stem from the lack of information, unanswered questions and the personal agendas of the parties involved If we remain calm and not allow ourselves to be caught up in the drama, we can seek the truth and choose our own future.

If you are experiencing sadness, losses or uncertainty about the future, you are not alone. Please join us starting Sept. 1 at 10 a.m. We will begin a new six-week support group called “Healing Our Hearts.” Our support groups have been beneficial for all who attend.

Our veterans breakfast, sponsored by the Dracut Senior Citizen’s Club, will be held on Tuesday, Sept. 20, at 9 a.m. All veterans and their spouses are welcome. Saturday Sept. 10, is Dracut Old Home Day; stop by the Council on Aging booth for information on our services and upcoming events .

Our quick tripsare on Sept.2 (Walmart and Bobolas), Sept. 9 (Kmart and T Bones in Salem N.H.), Sept. 16 (Walmart and Mama’s in Dracut), Sept. 23 (Christmas Tree & Friendly’s in Nashua), and Sept. 30 (Dollar Tree and Roccos’ in Wilmington).

Dinner and a movie will be on Tuesday, Sept. 13, at onon, featuring the Unknown. Lunch is potato crunch fish, served at 11:30 a.m.

Coffee with the director is Thursday, Sept. 29.

Stay busy and active at the Council on Aging, “The Best Place in Town.”

Joyce H. Shadan is the executive director of the Dracut Council On Aging.