If you had to name what you like most and least about Dracut, what would it be?


Erin Sheehan, Dracut: “What I like the most is the small-town feel, and the least is that it’s really not close to anything like major highways.”

Kenneth Fierley, Dracut: “Dracut is a very nice town with a good school system, but I would like to see more open space, and our property tax keeps going up.”

Mike Stickney, Dracut: “What I like the least is the traffic, and what I like the most is the small-town feel; it still has farms and open space.”

Walter Dziegiel, Dracut: “What I like the most is that it is a well-run town and organized town with an excellent school system; the least, there really isn’t anything bad about it.”

Jackie Theriault, Dracut: “The thing I like the most, the people of the town and the sports programs the town has to offer; the least thing is how it is to get to the highways.”

Chris Moschetto, Dracut: “I like the peace and quiet the most, and that it is so close to Lowell, you can get what you need easily; so far I haven’t anything that I like the least about the town.”