The weekly farmers market is now open; are you likely to do some shopping there?


Ray McCann, Gloria Avenue, Dracut: “Yes we are. We go to that most weekends the season that it’s open.”

Jennifer Ndlovu, Lakeview Avenue, Dracut: “Yes, most definitely. We normally go every year.”

Bob Cox, Patricia Lane, Dracut: “I have to answer no, because I grow my own veggies. But i highly recommend it to those who don’t have the space to grow their own.”

Irene Morneau, Phineas Street, Dracut: “I do. They have very good fresh vegetables. I enjoy going over there. The corn is oout of this world.”

Sara Lavertue, Forest Park Road, Dracut: “I didn’t realize they had one. That’s great to know. The parking in downtown Lowell is terrible. That’s the only one I know of.”

Danielle Noseworthy, Robbins Avenue, Dracut: “I don’t even know where it is.”