DEAR SARA: I’m looking for a way to dispose of self-stick address labels without gumming up my shredder. I saw a really simple way of doing it and made the mistake of thinking I would remember how. Guess what? I don’t remember what to do. I hope you can help. — Karen J., email

DEAR KAREN: Rub nail-polish remover on the labels to remove them prior to shredding or add extra paper that you plan on shredding on both sides of the page that has an address label on it. Another option would be to tear off and save the paper that has the address labels and go somewhere that offers free paper-shredding events.

They’re typically held a couple times a year at stores such as Lowe’s, Office Depot, etc. Public document shredding events can be found here: or call 1-877-60-SHRED to find a local community shred event. You can call your city office, Better Business Bureau, local credit unions or banks, or AARP and ask if they have any plans to host an event, too.

DEAR SARA: Can you please tell me how to clean a cloth Coach purse? — Janet E., email

DEAR JANET: While I have ideas on what would work, in this case I’m hesitant to offer any frugal suggestions. I would call Coach directly (1-800-444-3611) and ask a customer- service representative for the company’s recommended method of cleaning. Coach’s Signature C Fabric Cleaner runs $10, which is not badly priced. I’d ask if this is the product that the company would suggest for your purse. And if it isn’t, ask what you should use.

DEAR SARA: I recently finished a baby quilt that I marked with yellow quilt chalk. We have used Clorox stain remover and color brightener, and sent it through the wash several times. It’s still stained. We’ve also used white vinegar and a Mr. Clean product. Nothing has done the job, and the baby is due next week. Help! — Bobby F., North Carolina

DEAR BOBBY: Quilt chalk marks are a common problem. It seems they either don’t mark well enough or they stain fabric. You’ve tried vinegar, which was my first suggestion to remove it. I would try blotting it with rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide.

Wash as usual, but don’t use your dryer. If the stain persists, try Shout. I would continue to wash it and see if the stain diminishes with each wash, which it should. Visit for suggestions compiled from fellow quilters.

After reading it, I think the backyard pressure wash with a hose sounds like a great suggestion. Afterward let it dry outside in the sun (natural bleach). I also recommend the website’s suggestion of marking another piece of fabric and doing tests on it to see what works best before attempting it on your actual baby quilt.


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