Portioning out food is a frugal tactic. Typically it involves buying or cooking a bulk amount of food for less money, measuring and dividing it into smaller portions and repackaging into storage bags or containers. A kitchen scale, ice cube trays and an ice cream scoop can be handy to help with this. Of course, strive for healthy serving sizes based on the pyramid , too. The first reader tip shares another great way to portion out food.

SMALL PORTIONS: I was making sloppy joes and pulled pork barbecue for sandwiches. I made tons of extra. I took paper cupcake holders and filled each one and placed them in the freezer for a few hours, then removed the paper and put them in freezer bags. Now, when the kids want a sandwich, they pop one in a bowl and nuke for 1 minute and put on the bun. Quick and easy. We have been doing this for a few weeks and wow, it is a real time saver, especially with hungry husbands and kids. — Louise, Georgia

CLOUDY GLASS TIP: I went through all the remedies to clear my cloudy goblets. The last time I tried I was dismayed to find that were clouding again. I got a closer look at them and then realized that steam was being trapped in the overturned goblets that were draining onto a cloth I had put on the counter top. — Rosann, email

TASTY SUBSTITUTION: The other day I baked four medium yams in the oven. I peeled and mashed them, added oleo and then realized I had no brown sugar. My replacement was amazing. There is a product called “Dessert Topper” (like caramel ice cream topping). I purchased it at Big Lots, 14 ounces for $1. The flavor was Orange Crush (like the drink). I squeezed about a 1/4 of a cup into the mashed spuds, covered them in mini marshmallows and baked a few minutes until the top was brown. When I spooned into the potatoes, I cannot tell you how orange they were. I shared some with neighbors and all the comments were good, but all mentioned the color. How easy was that! — Caroline H., Texas

REUSE ODD SOCKS: A couple placed one inside the other makes a great oven mitt, I don’t buy mittens for the kids, I simply use the old socks. — Tina A., email

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