A recent Sun question of the day was: “What would be the cause of the next civil war in the U.S.?” I know many will think that to have another civil war or a revolution is unthinkable, but the way our politicians at all levels are acting could very well lead to an uprising by people in all 50 states.

* For years we have heard from all administrations that we, the U.S., must become independent of OPEC’s oil and yet there are still billions of untouched barrels of oil that Forbes estimated would cost about $16 per barrel to recover, (we are now buying oil for about $111 per barrel);

* Daily we read or hear of politicians or people in government positions being charged with crimes, such as the three state speakers of the House who have been charged with felonies, two of whom were guilty and the third of which is on trial.

* We have to bear the high costs of health-care insurance while our lawmakers are on a special plan voted for them by themselves.

*Politicians are entitled to an elaborate pension for serving minimal time while we have to wait until we are 65 to receive Social Security, which is taxed if one tries to better his life by working. All government employees should be in Social Security and be required to work 20 years before getting retirement benefits.

* One senator called senior citizens greedy for complaining about the cancelation of F.I.C.A. increases for two or more years while he and the rest of Congress granted themselves a $100-per-week raise.

* One congressman from Massachusetts has proposed that inheritance be taxed at 100 percent because the recipients did not do anything to earn it.

* Year after year, presidents who have sought the help of Congress in establishing line-item vetoes to control unnecessary spending caused by the “pork” added to just bills have been denied.