How are high gasoline prices changing your driving habits?


Georgia Kotsironis, Nashua Road, Dracut: “It hasn’t slowed me down at all because I don’t have a choice. When your kids have to go places, you just go.”

Larry Estevao, Mill Street, Dracut: “Recently my son had a baseball game and instead of driving to the field, I parked at home and walked, less than half a mile. I’ve been thinking of alternate ways to get places, like car-pooling with friends.”

Nick Nicholaou, Honora Avenue, Dracut: “Well, they really haven’t slowed me down. Gas prices are gonna do what they’re gonna do.”

Sharon Estevao, Mill Street, Dracut: “I drive a lot less. Car-pooling helps. And shortcuts.”

Bryan Hanley, Arkanas Drive, Dracut: “They’re really not because I’m a delivery driver. I have to drive anyway.

Akara Mao, Percy Street, Dracut: “I’m trying to walk as much as I can.”