You just never know what will bubble up in the form of issues during a campaign.

It all started when former two-time candidate for selectmen Brian Bond showed up for his weekly time slot on Saturday Morning Live armed with selectmen candidate Tony Archinski’s employment record with the Dracut Police Department, and was ready to use it to discredit Tony.

One thing about Brian, he loves to throw bombs; in fact some are now comparing him to Lowell’s Freddy Doyle, a legendary political bomb tosser in city elections.

To make a long story short, we didn’t allow the attack over the air because we didn’t have the same information on the other candidates, but it does raise an interesting question, and one that has been kicked around a bit on the blogs.

Is the employment record of a candidate fair game for a municipal election?

In the selectmen’s race we have John Zimini, Bob Cox and Archinski, all with past our current employment in the public sector.

Should we be asking each of them to hand over their entire work history just because they want to be a selectman?

Do we really want to make running for office any more unattractive?

Otherwise the selectmen’s race has been quiet and without much disagreement on the major issues, and that could mean good things for incumbents.

With the town in better fiscal shape than most, it can be difficult to convince voters that change is needed.

But there are never any guarantees in politics.

Much the same in the School Committee race.

Incumbent Matt Sheehan is running on his record of change, and challenger May Paquette is running on her past record of community involvement and experience on the school board.

With no real criticism of the current board, this race could become a referendum on the brief tenure of Superintendent Stacy Scott.

Scott appears to be popular in the community and has been a leader in the drive to renovate Dracut High.

Sheehan has been a strong supporter of Scott from the beginning and led what most considered a fair and open process that resulted in his appointment.

The effort being put on by the Friends of a new Dracut High School has been impressive and more importantly, might have inspired a new group of residents to become involved in their community.

Dracut can be tough when it comes to raising taxes, but voters have shown a willingness to make wise investments when presented with good information.

This group has made a strong argument and has stayed away from the worn-out methods that have failed in the past.

You know, the “it’s-only-a-cup-of-coffee-a-day” argument.

Look for this to be a close election all around.


Warren Shaw is a former Dracut selectman who hosts a popular Saturday morning radio show on WCAP-AM from 6 to 10.