How can we have global warming when it is so cold? We must remember that global warming is an increase of the average temperature on the Earth. At work, when we referred to averages, our boss would say, “The average depth of that river is three feet, but don’t try to cross it if you can’t swim.”

Averages don’t tell the whole story. The average temperature of the Earth may be 70 degrees, but we know that at the same time, equatorial temperatures may be well over 100 degrees while polar temperatures may be below zero. Global warming is caused by man burning fossil fuels and nuclear reactors, and is about one degree. This would be slightly noticeable at the equator, but its effect would be greater at the poles.

The most noticeable effect would be some melting of the ice. Man’s added heat raises the global temperature, until the higher temperature radiates the same amount of heat into space.

The current false theories that global warming is caused by greenhouse gases and carbon emissions cannot be justified under natural laws. A greenhouse gas would have to pass incoming radiation and block outgoing radiation. You are talking about our atmosphere, and could be easily proved if it were true with a heat lamp and a heat detector.

If the carbon emissions trapping the heat were cumulative, global warming would increase constantly day by day, and the results would be in agreement with or even worse than the predictions made by environmentalists.

Global warming is caused by man adding heat. Carbon emissions actually block solar heat and would reduce Earth’s temperature.