Do you remember who caved in to the Big-Dig developers for a fractional settlement instead of taking them to court?

Do you remember who prosecuted the sensational Woodward, Amirault and Souza cases in which the charges were subsequentoy reduced or the verdicts overturned?

Do you remember being promised during the last gubernatorial campaign that your real-estate taxes would go down and that 1,000 new police officers would be added?

Do you remember early in 2007 when an executive order was issued to prohibit the State Police from arresting and detaining illegal immigrants found during investigation of their status?

Do you remember the summer of 2007 when the state Legislature maneuvered to nullify the request of more than 170,000 registered voters to put the question of same-sex marriage on a referendum ballot?

Do you remember the summer of 2009 when you hoped to attend a “Town Hall meeting” to raise your objection to the Obamacare bill and found that your concerns were disregarded?

Do you remember which state in the union has a Democratic governor and overwhelmingly Democratic Legislature?

Do you need any more reasons to replace most incumbents with challengers who will listen to what the voters want and concentrate on our real needs?