It’s that time of year again, folks.

Yup, it’s summer reading at the library. As of June 22, kids can sign up for this annual event, which promises smiles, fun, excitement, and lots of hours reading.

With more than 100 books to purchase for the library and multiple copies of each, there were many details that needed to be addressed by each student concerning the reading lists, which are available at the schools and not at the library.

Please bring your reading list to the library for your grade- appropriate student when looking for materials. Miss Penny, our children’s librarian, has been as busy as Santa and his elves preparing her reading materials and crafting interactive games that tie into the theme of this year’s summer reading — outer space.

This summer children ages 2 through those entering grade six can hop aboard the Starship Adventure for an out-of-this- world experience. We don’t want to give away too many details, but please feel free to come on by to hear more or have your questions answered.

Younger children will earn stickers and prizes for the books they read or have read to them. Older children may join a team for the Space Race Game, for which prizes will be awarded. Each hour that the child reads earns a spin on the sun dial to move the team markers throughout the galaxy, collecting team points for the stars, planets, and comets landed upon.

The reading programs run from June 22 through Aug. 14, which may sound like and extended period of time to the kids, but with vacations and time with friends and family, the summer will soon be just a memory, so it is suggested to start reading early and often.

You register in the Children’s Room.

Highlighting this year’s summer reading extravaganza is a variety of special programs that are scheduled Monday through Thursday. Musical Mondays (10:30 a.m.) are for infants and toddlers. Talented Tuesdays (10:30 a.m.) with magic, stories, dance, music and animals, are appropriate for all ages. Wednesdays (1:30 p.m.) are for children entering grades three through six. Registration is required, so be certain to sign up early so that you won’t miss out on the fun.

Activities include building a lunar rover, painting a model of a space shuttle, and making an air rocket, just to name a few. Thursdays are reserved for age 2 through grade two. Each week we’ll have crafts and games with a space theme, like Lilo and Stitch, Wall-E and Astronaut Day. Changes in scheduling and details may occur, so please see our Web site,, for details.

Have a healthy and happy summer reading your books.

Dana Mastroianni, the director of the M G Parker Library, can be reached at 978-454-5474 or by e-mail at