U10 Division

Dracut (1 team) 4,

Wilmington 3

Hailey Cockroft and Haley Oskowski each scored two goals to lead Dracut’s offense, with assists by Kayla Gooch, Rachal Santos, Taylor Roberts and Alianna Litteral.

Goalies Megan Carney and Nicole Morin stopped all shots but three on the defensive side.

Dracut’s season record is now 4-3.

Dracut (2 team) 3,

Westford 1

Alana Lyons scored two goals and Sarah Bazarian chipped in a goal of her own to lead 2 team’s offense. Erin McMeniman helped with an assist.

Goalies Mikayla George and Molly Jones both had standout games in net, while Molly Antonelli and Emma Doherty played superb defense to limit Westford to one goal.

The win kept the team’s undefeated season intact, at 4-0-1.

U12 Division

(A team)

Dracut 2,

Burlington 2

Dracut battled to a stalemate in this defensive gem. Dracut’s late-game attack was led by Valerie Hines and Lauren Marshall, who each scored a goal. Jessica Mchugh and Emily Tierney notched assists.

Once again the strong defensive stand was led by Dracut defenders Kayla Fregeolle, Kendra Kukulski, Emma Daly, Lauren Chapman and Nicole McInerney.

Dracut goalies Valerie Hines and Becca Fisher kept the game close.

U12 Division

(A team)

Dracut 5,

Westford 0

Dracut’s offensive attack was led by Ashley Leboeuf’s hat trick, which was supported by all Dracut players. Jessica Hall and Nicole Santos each added a goal. Jessica Mchugh, Emily Tierney, Shaye Lane, Lauren Marshall and Lauren Chapman had assists.

Keepers Valerie Hines and Becca Fisher, and the defense — Kendra Kukulski, Kayla Fregeolle, Emma Daly, Lauren Chapman and Nicole McInerney — shut down the powerful Westford attack and posted a shutout.

U12 Division

(A team)

Dracut 2,

Wilmington 1

This was a battle of the top two teams in the division that went to the final whistle. It took a total team effort from every Dracut player to accomplish the win. Hines scored the first Dracut goal to tie the game, and Leboeuf scored the game-winner with less than a minute to go. Lauren Marshall and Kendra Kukulski each had an assist.

After Dracut surrendered the first goal, keepers Valerie Hines and Becca Fisher shut down the Wilmington offense.

U12 Division

Dracut 11,

Chelmsford 1

Scoring goals in the Dracut juggernaut were Meaghan Martineau, Amanda Martineau, Lauren Dauteuil, Keirsten McElhinney (2), Selena Hansen (2), Alex Damico, Joni Hill (2), Kristina Roy. Caleigh Collamer, Jessica Carnevale and Taylor DePalo chipped in with assists. Dracut goalie Rachel Flores stopped every shot but one.

U12 Division

Dracut 3,

Tewksbury 0

Keirsten McElhinney and Jessica Carnevale each had a goal, while Rachel Flores not only scored but teamed up with other goalie Joni Hill for a Dracut shutout in net. Caleigh Collamer and Samantha Carmany each had an assist.

U12 Division

Dracut 3,

Reading 0

Captains Jolene McDonald and Kaitlyn Dube supported the team for another well-played game. Dube scored, along with Keirsten McElhinney and Rachel Flores, who shared the shutout in net again with Joni Hill.

Dracut’s season record is 6-0-1.