Summer is always an adventure, no matter what age you are or where you live. The kids are out of school, the thermometer is above 80 degrees, and the library looks like Grand Central Station at rush hour.

For the past few months, the library has been busily preparing for summer reading, which includes lists of books compiled by the Dracut schools and librarians, denoting which selections may be chosen by students of a particular grade for their summer-reading assignments.

We have the reading lists from the Dracut public schools and have done our best to stock the requested books. Supplies are limited for junior- and senior-high students, so come early for the best selection. You may check out one summer reading book at a time for three weeks. Unfortunately, with the high demand, these are not able to be renewed. Please be considerate and return your books promptly so that others can complete their assignments. You will also save on late fees, freeing up more cash for your iPod or back-to- school clothes fund.

Supplies for the elementary and intermediate schools are more plentiful and therefore do not have these restrictions.

Each year the state denotes a specialized reading theme for the younger kids. This year, the theme is “Wild Reads @ Your Library.” It is funded by the Moses Greeley Parker Library, the Massachusetts Regional Library Systems and the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners. Children ages 2 through those entering sixth grade are invited to join our Summer Safari. Younger children may register to become a “Wild Reader” and earn stickers and prizes for the books they read or have read to them through Aug. 15.

Older children entering third grade through sixth grade may become “Rescue Readers.” They’ll be placed on a team and will keep track of the hours they read through Aug. 15. The team with the most hours will be allowed to rescue/adopt four animals chosen by the team leaders. The second-place team will rescue three animals, third place two, and the fourth place one. Team meetings and special programs for this age group will be held Wednesdays.

Junior- and senior-high students will be holding a read-a-thon with the goal of adopting a baby gorilla, but don’t worry, we won’t ask you to baby-sit.

Registration for these three programs this year will be done online, either from home or in the library. You also may also keep track of books or hours read online. Go to our Web site,, for directions. Book reviews may be submitted for posting, again online. So, hurry to the library and be the first on your block to check these books out.

There are programs scheduled for every day of the week during the summer for kids of varying ages. Check our Web site often for updates on programs, times and age requirements. Babies through teens will find plenty to do at the library. After all, we are not just books anymore. We’ll have music, animals, performers, the Museum of Science Traveling Reptile Show, sled dogs from Alaska, a program about Antarctica, crafts, games, a Scrabble club, knitting lessons and a book club, just to name a few activities.

Availability for some of these events is limited, so promptness is essential.

Dana Mastroianni is the director of Dracut’s Moses Greeley Parker Library.