DRACUT — Residents in the Robbins Avenue neighborhood will have to shell out $5,400 each during the next 10 years for improvements to their streets.

The formerly privately owned streets, which were in dire need of repair, were taken over by the town after a Town Meeting vote in 2006.

Robbins Avenue, 18th Street and Wildwood Street were accepted as public ways. Under a provision by the town, assessments can be made to the residents, many of them condominium owners, for improvements or betterments.

“The assessments come as a result of the owners who got a benefit that nobody else in town got,” explained Town Counsel James A. Hall. “We estimate that between 125 and 150 residents uniquely benefited from the improvements to those streets.”

The assessments are expected to be billed quarterly during the next 10 years.

Robbins Avenue rises on a steep incline off Cheever Street. Improvements included connecting the privately owned section with the public portion of Robbins Avenue off Methuen Street.

Improvements were also made to 18th Street, which runs off Robbins Avenue, and Wildwood Street, which runs off Thissel Avenue.

Selectmen unanimously approved the assessment, as well as a motion authorizing state Rep. Colleen Garry to file a home-rule petition with the Legislature supporting the levy and declaring those streets public ways.

That means the town now has the authority to take land or impose easements if necessary and that the benefits offset any damages incurred.