I would like to introduce myself. I’m the new director of the Moses Greeley Parker Library.

Library notes

I am the lucky person who has been chosen to work every day in a gorgeous new building and with a highly capable staff whose heart is as large as the county.

Possibilities for such a position were realized when Susan Schwarz, the 17-year director, decided to walk her retirement papers over to Town Hall in the fall of 2007. I graciously and respectfully tip my hat to her for the hard work and years of service, which culminated in the opening of the new library building in May 2006.

A family woman at heart, Susan now has the much-needed free time to spend with her grandkids. She had postponed that stage of life for the benefit of the town. Retirement may be difficult for someone like Susan who has two speeds — fast and faster. Racing around like Jeff Gordon — or AJ Foyt for all of those who are 40 and over — on the speedway, she can make breakfast, drive to tend to some of her grandmotherly duties, pick out new carpeting, and begin painting her home before most of us have considered having our lunch.

Susan is sorely missed by staff and patron alike, but is never far from our thoughts. Many well-worn library routines, pieces of furniture, or newly acquired items on our shelves have stories or names associated with her influence, some causing wide grins and others rendering eyeballs diverted upward, accompanied by a shaking or nodding head.

I was told about the charitable and respectful patrons of Dracut by my predecessor, and I can conclude after four months as steward of the library that Susan’s categorization is accurate and understated. I have had the distinct pleasure of meeting several of you while at the reference desk and helping out at the circulation area, and I fully affirm her sentiments.

If you haven’t been by the library in some time, this is the chance for us to meet and for you to indulge in one of the greatest assets in the town.

The library is always busy with programming for our children’s room, and booming with programs, from the youngest toddlers to the transitional “tweens” and high-schoolers. Access to the Internet and online databases is available from the desktop computers, and the entire building is able to support wireless access for those who wish to bring in their own laptops and “surf the ‘Net” in one of our comfortable chairs.

The stacks support a robust collection of current hardcover paperbacks, and several special collections, as well as music CDs, DVDs and VHS tapes. If there is a great read or a newly released DVD that you don’t see on our shelves, please let us know so we may acquire it, either through the interlibrary loan consortium or by purchasing it.

I look forward to many years as the “new Susan,” and hope you will stop by to introduce yourselves to me.

Dana Mastroianni is the director of Dracut’s Moses Greeley Parker Library.

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