Health-club owner and tae kwon do expert get viewers’ hearts pumping


DRACUT — Two members of the community are giving back with their knowledge.

Dianna Vrh, owner of Cleveland Health and Fitness, and Bob Lemire, a tae kwon do grand master, each host their own 30-minute show on Dracut Access Television.

Vrh has been hosting a fitness show since June.

30-Minute Fitness airs Tuesday through Saturdays and features either toning or Pilates.

“It’s all about community,” Vrh, 43, said of her show. “I really want people to start exercising, and if they start by watching my show that’s great.”

Vrh said both classes are low or no impact since there is not a lot of jumping or fast movements.

“In a half hour I can hit every muscle group,” Vrh said. “I change it every other week so every show is a little bit different.”

Vrh said exercise is an important part of everybody’s life and hopes her show will help get people moving.

“We all want to live long and healthy lives,” she said. “Doing your cardiovascular will help you do that. I like to exercise because I like to eat. You burn more calories when you exercise than just sitting on the couch. It’s all about balance.”

Vrh has been nationally certified by the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America for nearly 25 years and often takes seminars to keep up with the new fitness trends and programs.

“It gives you a good base to start with,” Vrh said of the seminars. “I think a lot of it just comes from personal experience of teaching.”

For as long as she has been certified, Vrh can’t imagine hanging up her sneakers anytime soon.

“I still think its fun,” Vrh said. “It still amazes me that there’s only a small part of the population that exercises regularly.”

Vrh was convinced by Lemire to host her own show and is thrilled with her decision.

“I was really nervous at first because I’m not what you call an in-front-of-the-camera type of person,” Vrh said. “But I’m glad I did it. I really enjoy it, and I have fun with it.”

Lemire, 52, has been host of a Tae Kwon Do show on DATV for nearly two years.

“I’ve lived in the community for 52 years, and I know a lot of people that can’t afford it,” Lemire said. “And there’s no tae kwon do show out there anywhere.”

Lemire, a seventh-degree black belt grand master, has been training for 35 years. Most of his training was done with Grand Master Moo Yong Lee of Lawrence.

Lemire said besides learning self defense, tae kwon do is also another way of getting into shape.

“We do 20 minutes of stretching and warm-up exercises,” Lemire said. “We’re one of the safest sports around because of all the stretching we do before we start our training.”

Lemire previously owned United Tae Kwon Do in Pelham, N.H., but turned it over to the black belt grand masters of the studio, who now run it as a non-profit.

The best part about tae kwon do is you are never too young or old to train, Lemire said.

“There’s something in tae kwon do for everybody,” Lemire said. “An 80-year-old can do tae kwon do; even someone in a wheelchair can do parts of tae kwon do.”

DATV Executive Director Patricia Higgins is thrilled to have members of the community giving back by hosting their own shows.

“Dracut is a very unified town,” Higgins said. “They support their sports, they support each other; Dracut truly has town pride.

“I really think it’s just Dracut being Dracut. I believe the residents of Dracut want to give back and make Dracut better. That’s what Dianna and Bob are doing, they’re helping make Dracut as great as they can and that’s what Dracut people do.”

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