On behalf of the board of library trustees, the staff and patrons of the Pelham Public Library, I would like to express our thanks and appreciation to everyone who came to the Town Meeting deliberative session, and brought their family, friends, and neighbors along to get out the vote.

A big “thank-you” to each of you who stood up and spoke out about what your public library means to you, particularly our great Friends of the Library.

This was grass-roots democracy in action. Every vote counted, every voice counted. It was a group effort and we would not have been successful in amending the town budget otherwise.

This small increase of $16,000 for library salaries will allow us to maintain our services at the level our patrons have come to expect.

I especially want to thank the Board of Selectmen for their unanimous support. Besides its intrinsic value to our citizens, our public library is an important asset in the future economic development of the Town of Pelham.

In the coming months the trustees and I will meet with the Selectmen, the Budget Committee and other town agencies to discuss this more fully, so we can all work together to insure that we have the funding to maintain adequate public library services for our patrons.


Library Director

Pelham Public Library