It has been nearly three months since Army Specialist Christine Ndururi died in Kuwait. Her family still does not know how or why.

We find this lack of information not only troubling but completely unacceptable.

Ndururi was on her way to Kuwait, and then to Iraq, for her first overseas assignment. Her family has been told she became suddenly ill on the flight to Kuwait. Five hours after landing in Kuwait, she died.

Ndururi’s family has been told she died of “natural causes.” Nothing else. They deserve to know how a 21-year-old woman who appeared to be in perfect health unexpectedly died.

Ndururi’s father, Wilson Wachira of Dracut, is pressing military investigators for answers. It is his right to do so, and he deserves more complete answers than he has received.

Wachira has requested a copy of the investigative report into his daughter’s death. He should be allowed to have it. Instead, he has been told the investigation is not finished. What is it investigators are looking for?

Ndururi’s body was brought home and buried months ago. Why is her family still wondering how and why she died?
Congresswoman Niki Tsongas has promised to push the matter with the Department of Defense. Perhaps having a member of Congress demanding information will produce faster results.
When American parents send their children off to answer our nation’s call to duty, they expect that if the worst happens, their nation will at the very least answer their questions as to what happened.

Sadly, Christine Ndururi’s family has yet to receive those answers. The Department of Defense owes the grieving family speedy answers to their questions. They deserve to know why Christine died.