On Oct. 25, more than 100 members of the Friends of Nevins Family of Services gathered at DiBurro’s restaurant in Haverhill for their second annual dinner.

Methuen Mayor William Manzi, the keynote speaker, addressed the gathering not only as a Friend of Nevins, but also as the grandson of a resident of The Nevins Centre, the nursing facility of Nevins continuum of care. Mayor Manzi spoke at length about the excellent care his grandfather received from the staff and of his family’s gratitude. He ended by stating that Methuen was proud to have such a fine facility in its community.

Other testimonials were given by George Burke and Helena Grant, family members of residents of The Nevins Centre and clients of the Nevins Adult Day Health programs.

During the evening the Friends awarded six scholarships to staff members to assist them in advancing their health-care careers.

The finale of the evening came when the co-founders of the Friends presented the Nevins board of trustees with a check for $10,000. This money is targeted to be used for equipment and/or supplies that will enhance the lives of Nevins residents and clients. Last year, with a $6,000 donation from the Friends, Nevins purchased electric beds, new chairs for the day centers and a donor board to acknowledge those who, through their membership in the Friends, have done so much for Nevins.

The administration and staff of the Nevins organizations are deeply grateful for the Friends support.

For more information about the Friends or to join this group, call Bill Pitocchelli, director of admissions for The Nevins Nursing and Rehabilitation Centre, or visit Nevins on the Web at