See what your future has in store at Mystical Whispers


DRACUT — Ever wonder what your future holds?

Mystical Whispers may be able to tell what you have in store.

The New Age emporium at Bridgewood Plaza on Bridge Street has everything from astrological calendars and numerology cards to candle magic and tarot-card readings.

Childhood friends Rochelle Wilcox and Nancy Barton took their passion and turned it into a business. “I was looking to open my own business,” Wilcox said. “Nancy was into tarot cards and I had the business end.”

Barton said since most of her readings are 20 to 30 minutes, she does the traditional Celtic Cross spread, but offers an Angel card reading after the tarot.

“Nobody’s future is etched in stone,” Barton said. “I’m a very positive reader and a firm believer in guides. The angels send messages to people.” Barton explained the messages could be as simple as a person becoming more involved in nature.

The co-owners wanted to bring hope, confidence and comfort into their store and seem to be on their way. “We have people that come in during the day that are having a bad day and tell us just walking around the store relaxes them,” Wilcox explained. “It’s a nice atmosphere.”

But it’s not just atmosphere, products and readings. Mystical Whispers also offers workshops for those who want to learn more about alternative forms of therapy, such as aura readings, reiki treatments, psychotherapy and even a pet psychic.

Psychotherapist Priscilla Griffin was the guest at a workshop in July.

“I teach people how to clear the negative energy from themselves,” Griffin said. “It’s all very spiritual. It’s teaching people how to tap into their spiritual support team to clear away the negative stuff and live a healthy, normal life.”

Griffin said she uses white sage in her therapy and often refers her clients to the store to purchase items she recommends. “It helps people to have a store like this in the area,” Griffin said. “They have a lot of self-nourishing products to help people with mental-health and stress issues.”

Even if you’re not in need of deep spiritual help but in need of a little extra boost, candle magic may just be what you’re looking for. “Each candle has its own essence, whether it’s love, a new job, etc.,” Wilcox said. “Each candle has its own prayer.”

Wilcox added that a lot of women who come into the store play bingo and love the money candles. While none of them has become rich from lighting the candle and saying the prayer, Wilcox said some of the ladies have come back to the store to tell them they won $50 at bingo.

Wilcox said people don’t always have the time to think of specific things with everything else going on in their lives and should learn to take the time. “We practice it ourselves,” Wilcox said. “We get very passionate about the store and the people we help.”

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