DEVENS — The Rapid Refill station on Andrews Parkway at Devens Common recently sold a winning lottery scratch ticket worth $1 million to a Methuen resident.

Kenneth S. Berard, 26, won the money playing the $500 Million Jackpot instant game. He claimed the first installment of his prize Sept. 18, said Lottery spokesman Dan Rosenfeld. Berard will collect his earnings in 20 installments.

After state and federal taxes his first check was for $35,000. Berard couldn’t be reached for comment.

The Rapid Refill gas station will get 1 percent bonus based on the value of the prize, Rosenfeld said.

The overall odds of winning any prize is 1 in 3.63, but the odds of winning $1 million is just 1 in 2.02 million, while the odds of winning $5 million are 1 in 8.06 million.

“There are five $5 million winners still out there and there are 21 $1 million winners still out there,” Rosenfeld said.

The game started Sept. 26 last year.