PELHAM — Whoever said you can’t come home again obviously didn’t tell Kevin Lehane.

The 36-year-old Methuen native has not only returned to New England after an eight-year absence but opened Lehane Chiropractic Center on Bridge Street on Sept. 14.

“I plan on being here for the rest of my career,” Lehane said. “We’re very happy we’re finally where we’re going to be for the duration.”

During trips home to visit family and friends over the past few years, Lehane began looking for the right place to open his practice and fell in love with Pelham.

“I love the small-town feel,” Lehane said. “And from doing research I knew the area did not have many chiropractors.” Lehane will be sharing his office space with internist Dr. Srilatha Kodali while her office is built on Atwood Road.

“In the beginning I will still be sharing space so I will only have one treatment room,” Lehane explained. “But in six to eight months there will be three.”

The building where Kodali will be moving will feature an X-ray facility that Lehane feels will only benefit his patients. “They won’t have to travel far to have X-rays done,” Lehane said.

The center will also have a large therapy bay with four tables for physical therapy, including electrical stimulation, moist and heat therapy, mechanical traction and ice therapy.

Lehane also said he will be one of very few practices in the area to offer decompression traction. “It’s really an alternative to surgery,” Lehane said. “It’s primarily for disc problems in the lower back and neck.”

As far as adjustment techniques, Lehane offers the following diversified, drop, activator and fluxion-distraction. “All really that I am doing is bringing your body to its natural state,” Lehane said. “I’m using my hands to bring joints in alignment.”

Lehane is not licensed to prescribe medication, but is in no way anti-medical. “We’re very much integrated,” Lehane said. “I understand I can’t treat everything and they understand they can’t treat everything. We’re all in this for the same reason and that’s to treat the patients.”

For first-time patients, Lehane said he spends 30 to 45 minutes conducting a consultation. “I always do a consultation to find out the history and contributing factors,” Lehane explained. “I need that information before I can do the examination.”

Lehane also explained his office does not overbook patients. “No one has to wait more than five to 10 minutes before being seen,” Lehane said. “I don’t want patients to think my time is more important than theirs. We’re always trying to accommodate the patient. We know they had to change their schedule to make an appointment, so we don’t want them to wait for an hour before being seen.”

Lehane explained each patient and the amount of time they spend at the center varies due to the root of the problem. “Some take 10 to 15 minutes, some take two to five,” Lehane said.

Lehane met the residents of Pelham and the surrounding communities on Sept. 8 at Old Home Day where he had a booth giving free-blood pressure screenings.

Lehane said he had always been health conscious growing up, but had chronic headaches throughout his childhood that led him to his profession. “I was brought to every doctor imaginable,” Lehane said. “I started seeing a chiropractor for three months and all the headaches went away. I found out the headaches were caused by alignments in my neck.”

Lehane graduated from Cleveland Chiropractic College in Kansas City, Mo. in 1997 and opened his first practice in Littleton, N.H., before relocating to Ohio.

Lehane and his wife Carol always knew they wanted to return to New England, and the fact they had their daughter Ava 15 months ago helped speed up that process. The Lehanes reside in Plaistow.

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