PELHAM — When I walked into the Beauty Cottage Day Spa, I was feeling nervous and even a bit shy. I honestly didn’t know what to expect.

There was a major difference to this particular assignment. For the first time in my life, I was the subject. I was going to get a full-body massage and a facial.

After filling out a few forms, I was led into the massage therapy room by massage therapist Amy Kline.

The room was rich with warm colors and soothing music, but I couldn’t help but feel nervous when Amy told me to get undressed to my comfort level and lie face up on the massage table with the sheet draped over me.

Amy left the room to allow me to undress. I took a deep breath. Why was I so nervous? This was nothing to be afraid of.

After a few minutes, I climbed onto the table and closed my eyes, waiting to feel what so many people have described as the most relaxing feeling in the world.

Amy returned and asked if I was comfortable and to make sure to tell her if the pressure she was applying was too hard or too soft. I quietly said “OK” and Amy began at my feet and calves.

I felt every tight muscle in my legs loosen up, and I even felt the stiffness in the rest of my body start to lift away as Amy worked her magic.

When Amy spoke to me it was in a very soft voice to go along with the soothing feeling of the massage itself and the atmosphere.

All the nervousness I felt was gone. In fact I had almost fallen asleep before Amy told me it was time to roll over. My body was so relaxed that I didn’t know if I had the energy to move, but I did and again Amy started with the lower half of my body.

Amy told me she could tell that I was a righty because the right side of my body was more tight and tense than my left. I could feel it in my shoulders as she worked out all the stress that had accumulated over the years. Again I felt like I was in heaven.

I couldn’t believe I was ever nervous about coming to the spa.

The massage took an hour and I literally felt like my body was made of rubber when Amy finished.

Amy asked me to be careful when sitting up because a massage releases all the toxins out of your body and I could be light-headed. Boy, was she right.

Amy explained to me there was a pink towel and robe for me to put on so I would not have to get dressed and undressed again for my facial.

That struck me as odd. Why would I need to be undressed for a facial?

Dianna Martin, the licensed clinical esthetician, led me to her room where she would be critiquing my skin.

First she washed my face with a cleanser; that wasn’t the exposing part. That came next as she put my face under her fluorescent light and magnifying lens.

I cringed with anticipation of how horrible my skin was. I was starting to tense up sitting in the chair. All I could think of was the massage I had just received would be a waste of time.

Then it happened. I relaxed again and all the tenseness in my body was quickly disappearing. Dianna told me that other than a few calcium deposits, I had fabulous skin.


Dianna removed the calcium deposits, but I didn’t feel a thing.

After that it was time for the massage.

Massage? Again? Yup, with a facial they massage your face, neck, shoulders, arms and hands. Wow, was I getting spoiled and I told Dianna as much.

During the massage, I found myself drifting off to sleep because I was so relaxed and had to force myself to stay awake. When everything was said and done, I found myself so relaxed that I couldn’t imagine that I ever felt nervous or shy.

For those of you who have never received such pampering, I suggest you call Amy and Dianna at 603-635-9344 and set up an appointment for Beauty Cottage Day Spa Special.

For the amount of pampering you will receive, $120 is not a lot of money because this particular feeling of relaxation is priceless.