How time flies when you are in overload! This library has seen more visitors in a week than I can believe. It must be that summer reading is for real. Books fly out then come back, go on the shelves and leave again.

Library notes

I do have some tentative news for our patrons. So many of you have mentioned that having a mystery club would be a great asset that we looked around and found someone who is more of a mystery reader than I am, and that is going some. She has agreed to be a tentative leader to start.

Rather than call it a mystery book club, the thought was to call it “Mysteries and More.” Instead of everyone reading the same book, it might begin with everyone reading a mystery and then bringing it to the table for discussion. This would allow people to bring out ideas not considered by others.

There is no date for the start of this, but it certainly would be after Sept. 15 to allow for the back-to-school chaos to slow down. Keep it in mind for your fall activities and watch for more news.

There is a lot going on right now. Watch the calendar found on our Web page.

For reading, how about one from these authors.

J.A. Konrath has a play-on-name series going, and I wonder how long it will last. With a name like Jack Daniels for the main character, we have already been through Whiskey Sour, Bloody Mary and Rusty Nail. The newest title is Dirty Martini, but the contents of the mystery has nothing to do with drink. According to the blurb, Jack is surrounded by problems, some good — her boyfriend wants to get married — and some not so good — her long “dead” dad isn’t really dead. And someone is using toxins to poison the food supply, killing hundreds. Jack is put in charge of finding the person responsible for this toxin-based killing, and finds she has more on her plate than ever. The knowledge that this is also a sink-or-swim case isn’t making it any easier. If she succeeds in solving it, she maintains her position, but in reality there is a move underway to demote her. This is not a cozy mystery; it is almost frightening in the concept with the ease that the murders are done. There is still, however, a bit of humor in the book. If you enjoy a mystery series, this may be right up your reading alley.

The next author to consider is Carol Goodman. This book and this author are not for everyone. However if you like slow, beautifully written intrigue, start with The Sonnet Lover and move backward. The story begins in New York with Rose, a professor, a student with talent and a very old sonnet. The basic intrigue involves the sonnets written by William Shakespeare and dedicated to the “Dark Lady.” Add in what may be the lost sonnets written by the possible Dark Lady, and you have quite a plot. The setting moves to Italy, scene of a very wonderful and at the same time unhappy time for Rose. There is a lot of story in these pages — some romance, some suspense; some great historical details and other details completely fictional. It’s a book that is making me go back to the earlier ones by Goodman I may have missed.

Linda Howard could be called an author in transition. She appears to be working on her type of fiction, moving from mostly romance to the suspenseful romance. In Up Close and Dangerous she has a clever plot. Marriage to provide stability for a trust fund is the first part; the second is an attempt to change a young man’s life. As far as Bailey is concerned, the verbal abuse her late husband’s children hand out is making her job harder and harder. Bailey also maintains a façade that makes people call her the ice queen. Enter of course the male lead, a plane crash and the pending disaster. I enjoy Howard. I just wish she had taken more time to flesh out the characters that surround the main couple. Instead, she spends most of the book at the site of the crash then rushes to end the story. Perhaps there will be a sequel but all in all a beach read for sure.

Susan Schwarz is the director of Dracut’s Moses Greeley Parker Library.