Thank you so much for all the help during the first book sale in the new library. Since the Friends of the Library purchased all the museum passes that so many of you use, your support was greatly appreciated and needed. Many of the passes cost $600 for a year, so you can see what a drain on the treasury that is. We have not had a book sale in over three years and this was a great one.

Library notes

Summer reading started on June 18. Don’t worry if you did not make it that day; you can sign up any time. As usual, Penny has a great summer planned for students up to the sixth grade, and there are things in the works for the older ones as well. Check out the calendar on the Web site and you will see what is happening all over the library. For those of you who have a child starting school next year, there is even a program to help reduce the stress on that later in August.

We have also worked on collecting some of the books on the reading list. Anyone above sixth grade will find their books on the second floor. For those up to sixth grade, the books are all in the children’s room. If you lose your copy, the reading lists are located on our Web site. However, we will not have copies of the book reports or any extra things that might be required. One other thing, there are so many reserves on the Harry Potter book that we will not be able to supply copies for summer reading. If you finish the book and want to talk about it, there will be groups getting together over the summer, so you don’t spoil the ending for others. If you have extra copies when you are finished, we would love to have any you would like to donate.

For the adults who read a lot more during the summer, remember the newest books are on the first floor, with the numbers on the spine in yellow dots indicating the month they were added. What you need to watch however is the “hot” items on the second floor. We have an extra copy of the highly reserved books on the bookshelves at the top of the stairs. They may only go out for a week, but at least you can get a copy before it is too late.

I do have one request. As you might have noticed, we have signs posted asking that you not walk your dog around the library. Just walking is fine but the waste left behind is becoming a serious problem, especially now that children are playing outside during library time. I would not think to mention this, but I noticed one incident just recently and have been told by others that it is a common event, to the dismay of some patrons.

Reading time is any time so try this one. The Dead Room by Heather Graham removes the author from the simple romance genre by a huge leap. An explosion results in the death of Max and creates the ability in Leslie to visit with a variety of ghosts. Now this is not all bad since Leslie is a leading archeologist and thanks to many of her contacts, is able to recreate certain scenarios that allow her contacts to rest in peace. What Leslie cannot do however is verbally communicate with Max. As the story progresses, the author takes us beyond a ghost story. We are held by the mystery of missing women, the introduction of Max’s cousin Joe and the sense of danger that is constantly surrounding Leslie.

Susan Schwarz is the director of Dracut’s Moses Greeley Parker Library.