Harris, Clay and Kenya are three of the 54 Doberman pinschers and pinscher mixes waiting for homes at Doberman Rescue Unlimited in Sandown, N.H. These three are highlighted by the Animal Rescue Network of New England because we believe that there is a family out there for the special, deserving dogs who get passed over at the shelter.

All Doberman Rescue Unlimited dogs are fully vetted, in training and waiting for a loving families.

Harris is a handsome 4-year-old male.

He is unflustered by the furry critters, big and small, sauntering around. He showed off his manners and polished obedience while he got his picture taken. He would love a family experienced with working dogs and possibly a female companion to play with.

He has been passed over at the shelter for the pure-bred Dobermans.

Clay is a black and tan, 6-year-old male with natural ears and a docked tail. His mind and spirit are that of a perpetual teenager.

While being kenneled during his recovery from heartworm, Clay entertained the shelter staff and other dogs with his bubbly disposition.

Super affectionate and always ready to play, Clay is looking for an owner who will keep his active mind and body busy with positive experiences. Cats are Clay’s downfall, though, and the happy-go-lucky dog that we see in every other situation turns deadly serious when presented with anything feline.

This joyful, playful bundle of energy comes with one free lesson.

Kenya is a 7-year-old, black and rust, cropped and docked female who had been abandoned by her owner more than a year ago. According to the staff, Kenya gets along with all her human caregivers as well as the potpourri of canine clientele.

She will give her paw when asked in either English or Spanish. While out for a walk, Kenya delights in searching every nook and cranny for potential varmints. Kenya has a nice balance of energy and calmness that could flourish in most any home.

Doberman pinchers, as well as all other pure and mixed breeds, are over-populated and waiting in shelters for homes. Many will never know the love of their own family. Consider a shelter/rescue dog before buying any dog. You will be getting a proven dog that will be current medically and will usually have basic obedience training.

Visit to view more adoptable Dobermans and for event information. Call 603-887-1200 for an adoption package or to visit the shelter.