I think we all agree that last week is one that we would hope will never be repeated.

No one should face what the students at Virginia Tech have had, or those whose homes have again been damaged by floods. Between Mother Nature’s nor’easter and human nature, life for many will never be the same. Our thoughts go out to all those facing natural and man-made disasters.

The food bank drive will continue for two more weeks. You have no idea how grateful the food pantries have been with your donations. So many of you already have helped and still the need is great. Do whatever you can; we appreciate it and so do those in need.

Rumors concerning a book sale are true. Thanks to the donation of time by two very busy people, dates are set and now it is up to you. We need volunteers to help set up and go through the donations. We need help on the Friday night and Saturday of the sale, and then we need some help to clean up the room. We will have signup sheets at the circulation desk for anyone interested in helping.

We will begin to accept book donations on May 20. Do not leave boxes or bags in the entry or outside of the building. Any possible mold will result in items being directly put into the Dumpster. Bring only items in good condition to the desk in boxes or bags, and we will direct you to the deposit area. We ask you to consider whether you would buy the items before you bring them to us.

The book sale will be held June 8 and June 9. More on this as we get closer to the event.

We are still adding materials. However, just a warning. The new Harry Potter won’t be out until July. We will have a limited number of copies with restricted borrowing time. Already people are placing holds on the title and expect it to be readily available. It won’t. There is so much hype for this book that we had to submit a request in writing for the copies needed weeks ago. This is one book that we gladly accept as donations when you are finished. It will take months to get through the requests.

Author Deborah Crombie continues her series with Water like Stone. Once again we find Duncan Kincaid and his partner Gemma in a family situation. This time they are visiting Kincaid’s family for the Christmas holidays. Those of you who know the series will realize immediately that we are again into a British mystery, which is as much character driven as it is about police procedures. It’s a good continuation with great character growth.

Dr. Bill Bass, a forensic anthropologist, and Jon Jefferson, a journalist and documentary-film director, are writing under one name Jefferson Bass and believe me, if you are into forensic police work, don’t miss Flesh and Bone. Remember when Patricia Cornwell used the name Body Farm for one of her books? Well, here is the real thing. Set in Tennessee, the body farm, as it is known, serves as a place of detection for law enforcement searching for answers. What Dr. Brockton, founder of the body farm, doesn’t expect is that he will become the prime suspect in a murder. This book gives the reader almost too much information, not about forensics but about pedophilia, evolution, letting go, ugliness and sorrow and even a gender change. All would make a good story but when combined, there is almost too much for the reader to ever pinpoint the exact story. I look forward to a sequel.

More later, see you soon.