Well, I guess if we had to get snow, this is the time to get it.

The sun is so high that melting is a definite and there won’t be the mess on the sides of the roads that happens when it snows in December. What a weird winter this has been. Now to wait for spring. I want to open windows. In fact I would almost say I wouldn’t mind spring cleaning, but I won’t say it too loudly.

Speaking of the spring cleaning, have you checked out some of the books on getting organized, cleaning tips and how to make use of what you have? We have a whole collection that might give you some help rearranging the clutter that seems to always be somewhere. I seem to clean one closet only to find that most of the stuff has migrated into another closet.

Another hint. We are featuring the gardening items right now. The covers are enough to make me want to take out the books, even with the snow on the ground. Remember that snow is the poor man’s fertilizer, so it might be time to get ready for seeing ground and grass. Because you asked for it we have also added some new DVDs on gardening and growing roses. Right now they are downstairs with the gardening items. Keep your eyes open, they come and go so fast.

We have also started adding DVDs on pet care, exercise and sports. If you have questions, please ask someone. We know your first time searching for a new item can be overwhelming. After you master the collection and the Web page-based catalog, it gets easier, but do ask.

Some of you have commented on the request for the return of the DVD from the CSI series. We had just put the first season out on Friday afternoon and by midmorning on Saturday someone removed the DVD from the case and walked out with it. Now, if they had just taken the whole case we might think it was a mistake, but to take the DVD carefully out of the case, not easy and not too honest. If you see something like this happening, let us know, we will handle it. It makes us all sad that someone just couldn’t borrow the item and watch it.

Did you know the food pantries are seeing more and more need every day? Contrary to some of the news, there are a lot of people in our neighborhoods hurting, and the food pantries are often the major source for help. When you see the big blue barrel out near the entrance, would you please provide at least one item?

We are going to try the Breakfast of Champion Drive. This includes dry pancake, waffle mix; cereals; powdered milk; canned fruit; jellies; jams; peanut butter; sugar, both brown and white; coffee and teas; maple syrup; and all types of baby food, dry and in jars. If we could provide a family with breakfast for a week, maybe they will have the energy to take care of their needs. Just think about sending a child to school with nothing to eat or trying to work with limited fuel in your system.

Thanks in advance.

Now to keep you reading. Natasha Cooper is a good writer. Sometimes she can be confusing, as in Evil is Done, but if you read carefully, everything falls into a logical place. This author keeps about three story lines moving at all times. There is the corporate law with Trish Maguire, this time a building with a serious flaw. In her past life as a lawyer, she to tried to protect abused children and her own family problems. Somehow, everything collides when a colleague is murdered and Trish is right in the middle. Give it a try. You might find yourself going back to the first in the series and enjoying the growth of characters.

See you soon.

Susan Schwarz is the director of Dracut’s Moses Greeley Parker Library.